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Let me help you be the best candidate, stand out, and leave a lasting impression. You will learn how to present and market yourself during an interview.  I will provide practical exercises like mock interviews, personal skills assessments, and quality evaluations.  In addition, you'll receive image consulting, candid feedback, personalized strategies, follow-up, and so much more. Partnering with me will increase your potential and opportunity for employment and promotion.  I will prove to be a very valuable asset as you prepare for your next opportunity.  

Client Reviews



I was out of work for over 15 years, I went through the training courses offered at Total Package and landed a job after one month of training. The courses prepare you for the job interview process, how to answer interview questions, what to expect during an interview etc. The resume is designed to your skills and level of expertise, and you leave there feeling confident you can handle yourself in the process. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a job. Natausha is awesome and knows her stuff!



"I am a teenager, and I used Total Package because I was seeking other employment. I wanted to be well prepared for my interview. I had been on my one job for over two years and felt that it was time for a change. I learned a lot during my sessions, from how to identify my qualities, that some words have double meanings…like the word "flexible" (LOL! That's an inside joke between Ms. Natausha and me), the power of confession (He shall have whatsoever he saith Mark 11: 23), how to effectively answer behavioral interview questions and tons more. Thanks to Total Package I nailed my interview, and I got the JOB!"

Tracee J., Crosby, TX


"My confidence level was very low because I hadn't interviewed in over three years. I sought the services of Total Package because I knew I needed help preparing for upcoming interviews. By the time I was done with my session my confidence level had gone through the roof! Thank you Total Package for helping me become confident again in myself!; I interviewed with an insurance company, and my interview was a slam dunk! The interviewer told me that she hadn't had anyone to interview that well in over six months! In fact, they were so impressed, that the VP of the insurance company was inquiring about me! I landed the position that I wanted with the employer of my choice!"


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